It’s The Time of the Season…

The upcoming NCAA season will open up in two weeks and with it comes changes to PuckingOff. I hope to provide more in-depth coverage of both the college and professional game in the New England region. I plan on starting a new podcast to go over the week’s events and preview upcoming games. I’m planning on having a guest or two on each week to provide different insight into the goings on of the sport from on the ice to behind the scenes.

Now that my time in college has come to an end I plan on doing more with the website and all the social media aspects that can go along with it. I’m looking forward to trying to grow PuckingOff into what I knew it could be when I started it almost four years ago. I hope that you will help me in getting this off the ground and into the successful venture it will become.

Please share whatever links I post be it an article, blog, or social media usage.

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