LSSU vs BGSU (3rd per.)

Early play was fast and physical. Both teams were up and down the ice creating scoring chances, but to no avail. At 4:35 of the period this pace led to BG’s Brandon Kruse being called for hooking. A minute into that PP, strong for checking by BG led to 2-1 short handed chance for the Falcons. Lone defenseman William Riedell was called for slashing while defending the rush, @ 5:33. After the Lakers Henke was pickpocketed out in front of his own net, Matt McArdle was whistled for roughing in the ensuing scrum in front of Kossoff. The Lakers weathered the Falcons 4 on 3 and 5 on 3 chances. That successful kill fed into the Lakers play as they tied up the game at 2, @ 9:57 when LSSU had pressure in front of Dop and the puck was deflected in off of BG’s Carson Musser skate. LSSU’s Anthony Neillis was credited with the goal while Jake Hand was given the assist. The frenetic pace carried on and Cameron Wright was called for interference @ 12:05. LSSU had intense pressure the entire PP but BGSU held firm. They actually created a scoring chance for Wright as he stepped out of the penalty box. The action continued being quick and physical for the remainder of the 3rd. Bowling Green certainly responded after coach Chris Bergeron called a time-out after a BG icing call. They carried the play for the last 5 plus minutes but LSSU held on for the tie to earn at least a point.

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