Following Up On Predictions

So far only Harvard & Union make me look like I know what I’m writing about. I wrote those 2 in 2. Still on track there. Clarkson wiped the floor with Cornell but I wrote Big Red in 3, still on track there too. St. Lawrence beat QU & I predicted QU in 2. Wrong! 

Notre Dame crushed PC so so far, so good. BU edged NU in OT but I have NU in 3, maybe… BC humiliated UVM 7-0 & I had the Cats in 3 so there’s still a chance there. And UNH pulled off the upset of Lowell where I wrote UML in 2. Wrong again!

Overall I’m possibly going 6 of 8. Hopefully that keeps up. 

Last night I took in Yale vs Harvard. Great game! Tonight is NU vs BU. Enjoy tonight’s games! 

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