Last year my friend, Paul, & I drove down to Hampden, CT to catch the Harvard vs Quinnipiac game. It was sort of a last minute trip so we had to get Standing Room Only tickets, which was fine because they’re cheap. And so am I. During the 1st intermission we were walking around the TD Bank Arena checking things out, Paul had never been there so…

As usual when I am @ a Crimson game I was in my Harvard hat & sweatshirt. A guy in a Bruins hat w/ a Quinnipiac jersey on stopped us to chat. I like mixing it up w/ the locals, especially when good natured ribbing is involved. Or at least the opportunity to do so is. He said he was “curious about Harvard’s Rink. Is it nice?” He told me he’d “like to make the trip up next season.” I told him “It’snothing special. It’s small. Not a bad seat in the place. The University finally decided to put some money into it.” He asked about the atmosphere for a game. I explained how it only really fills up for Yale, QU, BU etc & unfortunately other ECAC schools like RPI & SLU travel well there. So even in good times it may fill up but the crowd might not be entirely for Harvard. I told him Bright Arena wasn’t as big or new & snazzy as TD Bank was. That’s when I set him up.

I said to him “As good as this place is, do you know what Bright Arena has that this place doesn’t?” He said “No. What?” I replied “A Championship Banner!” He just walked away…

Fast forward to this year… Quinnipiac is coming of a loss in the NCAA Finals to North Dakota. It’s 2nd loss in the Finals in the last 4 years. This past Friday they were in town to play Harvard. As soon as I walk into the rink who do I see? QU Man! He was eyeing me too. I couldn’t help but wonder if he remembered me? I told my wife about him. She told me to “leave him alone” & after another loss in the Finals I thought it best to too.

Wouldn’t you know he was in my section, and the row behind me too. He was a bit further down towards the other end of the aisle. I always try to sit behind the net that Harvard shoots at twice. All game I listened to him scream “Come on boys! Go Bluuuue!” But Harvard was laying down a serious beating so I bit my tongue all night.

To be honest I didn’t even want to say anything to him. I just wanted to get his attention. Then I could just point my index finger upwards. He was sitting right under the National Championship banner!

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